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September 5, 2012
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Derelict Battle by LordDoomhammer Derelict Battle by LordDoomhammer
In the shadow of mystery, war outpowers curiosity ...

Find more here:

Hope you like it! :)
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You do like blue blaze^^
Nice work, well done sir.
LordDoomhammer Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have no idea what you're talking about XD
thank you very much, glad you like it :)
"Missile salvos away - Fire HV kinetic rounds on my mark."
"Missiles away! Salvo Alpha, Beta, and Charlie have achieved lock-on and are tracking target; impact in eight seconds! Mass drivers full capacity! Targets marked and locked in, awaiting order to fire!"
"Firing all guns,; synchronizing with missile impacts!!"

"Sir! Missile Salvos Alpha and Beta have been depleted by 50%, each! The enemy's point-defense overwhelmed them, and some just his the debris! Salvo Charlie is still tracking...Dammit, the bastards dodged almost all of them! Impacts are minor!"

"Enemy fleet launching attack craft! Waves of bombers and gunships incoming; they have fighter cover!!
"Scramble interceptor wings 1 - 8, increase power to shields and point-defense weaponry. All ships move to pts X+2456 Y-1833 Z+7909, outside estimated hostile enemy weapon range and engage long-range jamming on the enemy vessels - we'll attempt a second attack run after we eliminate the enemy bombers and gunships."
"Squadrons 1 - 8 Scramble! Repeat, Scramble Interceptor wings 1 -8! Full wave of enemy strike craft incoming at two-ten!!"

"Aye sir, all ships moving to designated points at flank speed!"

"What the...ADMIRAL! Our interceptors are being chewed out of the sky before they can shoot! The enemy fighters have some kind of long-range missiles--I've never seen weapons range on such a small craft! And...VAMPIRE! VAMPIRE! Anti-ship missiles launched from enemy bomber wing! They're targeting our engines!!"
"Engage CIWS, max power to rear shields. All hands, brace for impact!"

[Missiles impact all over the admiral's vessel and other crafts in the flotilla]

"Status report!"

"Shields are gone, experiencing heat flux overload - venting in progress, armor integrity 43.2%, hull integrity 89%, reports of fires and system failures in vessel sections 3, 8 and 9."

"We lost contact with cruisers EFS Solomon and EFS Prometheus. Destroyers EFS Simba and Bulwark have moved in and engaged enemy bombers and fighers. Enemy cruisers still out of effective weapon range."

"Activate emergency reserve capacitors, engage sensor-boosters and begin charging sequence for the jump drives - we're out of luck for this fight, people. All units initiate tactical withdrawal."
"But...but what about our fighters?! They're still out there, and tangling with the enemy!"
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